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Versuri 2's company
- Charlton Hall

Aching to siphon your senses,
I'm on the outside and peeking in.
Listen to the gut feeling,
It leaves me reeling and reels me in.

Get me free
There's a world out there,
waiting for us all,
I believe.

And my mind wonders to destiny,
It's rivers long.
And mountains tall,
And meant to be.

I'm turninig me in,
You turn me out.
My original sin
I can't do without

In honesty
2's company
It's plain to see
2's company.

Hard to believe it
, I heard it was coming
But I wont be runninig
I'll stay this time.

Got a new focus,
It's called understanding
I'm hearing the music
Here in my mind.

And my mind wonders to jealousy
Where rivers stop
And mountains fall
Into the sea.