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Versuri Charlatans Uk - Forever

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Artist: Charlatans Uk
Album: Us & Us Only
Title: Forever

Forever you're my foundation
I know i can keep
Told i was good for nothing
Branded a cheat
Now i know why you listen
I can help you anytime
Love is all there is
I wonder what you people do with your lives
Oh! i wonder what you people do with your lives
Once more this will be forever

I can't withhold secrets
I know i'm going where the sun always shines
I know my son we've made it
It can't escape my mind
I know my star is a brighter star. brighter star
Forever be in my arms

This could be a myth in the making
Under a spell
Down to ambition
I guess you could even call it a miracle

I see my true love coming
My little bundle of joy
I can help you realise

It's us and us only

I know i'm as good as my neighbour
A starter for ten
I can't promise i will always be with you
I promise i'll always be there
Oh! i wonder what you people do with your lives!

When you find it, you'll feel it
I'll give you all of my love
Hold it, don't lose it, misuse it
As long as you believe enough
My mind is multiplying
I have so much to give
I wouldn't estimate you for the way that you want to live


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