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Versuri Chaostar - The accident in ambere

[A hooded one:] "Primus, we have passed to phase V.
The mind of the subjects is projected somewhere near the field of Ante Cun. "
[Cendor:] "Well done. Everything is going according to plan"!

Cendor felt so pleased with himself. It was pity that his procreator wasn't alive to witness his
He strived so hard to become what he was, Primus. It wasn't easy. As Fulgor, he had no chance to
the trust of the others and become what he was now, a publicity approved figure.
His family name was echoing tragedy, so he had to change it. His inheritance was a heavy burden in
many ways...

Aline Fulgor was also a scientist. She spent her life trying to restore the ecological balance of
But instead of gratitude all she gained was disgrace. The after-effects of her intelligent genetic
the Thermo-devourers, were frightening indeed. Fortunately they could not interbreed,
as they were programmed to spread only inside the range of a selecetd target.
Of course, when the accident happened, nobody menthioned that.
All were so panicked with what happened to Ambere "The Frozen city".
Aline Fulgor was there, trapped in her lab with her biological creations.
And she died. But first, she had to watch her destiny for hundreds times,
unfolding in front of her in the optic sensors of her trapped colleagues.
And she waited for her turn to fall down the floor, trembling from the sudden loss of body heat.
Until her parts stopped all violent movements and her body remained still, captivated in its final

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