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Versuri Chante Moore - Train of thought

It's been a long day

Too many people, people

Are stressing me

Where do I begin?

Don't think about, think about

What happened

Coming home to you

Boy that's the only thing that gets me through

Cause I'm anticipating everything you do

It's the way you touch

Some of the things you say that make it okay

Ooh yeah

Ooh oh yeah

OOh yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

1 - I've completely lost my train of thought

Just what was I saying

I'm caught up and it's all by your loving

With the things you do

Boy you make me feel so good

Repeat 1

What was I about to say?

Oh yeah, something, something 'bout my day

Why you lookin' at me that way

You wanna what?

Wanna do what? Ooh!

Bubble bath, after that

When you do

Take your time

Need you to help me

Help me unwind

Repeat 1 (2x)

That's why I love you babe

Do it all day baby

That's what I wanna do

Cause I belong to you

I just wanna thank you

For the way you took me into you arms

And held me, oh

Repeat 1 till end

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