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Versuri Channel Zero - Misery

1996, is the year of misery
From the minute you were born
You've lost your liberty
When you're young and depraved
It happens all the time
You need eyes on your back
You're the next one on the line

Misery, I don't want your sympathy
Misery, F***k off with your sympathy

Don't let them interfere
For what you stand for
As it seems as if they're helping you
They're only out to score
Fool's follow rules
Supervised on a screen
And if you think you're all alone
You're living in a dream

Misery, We don't want your sympathy

Everywhere on this planet no matter where you are
People taking care of you for any kind of advantage
Your innocence and your ignorance
Don't let them walk all over you
'Cause that's what they will do

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