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I Told You

Changing Faces
You told me I heard it all before
You lied to me cant take no more

Have I told you lately mmm
How much you mean to me heh
You are my lady heh
And it's no mystery mmmm

What you do to me
See I know I done you wrong oh yeah babe
But baby I just wanna move on
See I wish I could do it all over again heh
Cuz I would never ever hurt my best friend
Baby I know I told you once before

1 Dave Changing Faces
Girl I told you you told me
That I loved you I heard it all before
I told you that I cared cant take no more
I told you it's too much
Id be there for you you lied to me
Forever you told me I was the only one

You don't believe me boy I don't
don't mistreat me it's too much
Girl I'm sorry it's not good enough
I'm on my knees boy just get up
See I told you you told me
That I loved you I heard it all before
Forever you told me wed be together for life

Changing Faces
it's so hard to forget
All the pain you put me through
How could you throw it all away
And expect me to stay
You went away

Theres nothing more in this world
Id rather have
Than to come back
If youd only think with your head above
Then maybe well still be in love yeah
Boy you told me

Repeat 1

Changing Faces
it's funny how how things have changed
Since Ive fallen out of love with you
I'm not in love not like before
don't need you in my life no more

Dave CF Dave
Please babe I'm begging please stay
I wanna be with you I wanna see you babe
Please wont you stay with me stay girl no no no no
Girl without you I will die no no no no
Baby please can we try please try no no no no
Ill do what I gotta do to be with you
For life

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Dave CF
Hey yeah yeah
Girl I love you
Baby I'm sorry ooh
Forgive me please
Take me back no babe
Take me back no

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