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Versuri Champion Jack Dupree - Stack-o-lee

Stagger Lee and Billy Lyon, they was gamblin' in the dark
Stagger Lee told Billy, Billy Lyon let's take a walk

Stagger Lee won Billy Lyon's money, and he took Billy Lyon's stetson hat
Billy Lion said Stagger Lee, lord why do you do me like that

Now Billy Lyon begged Stagger Lee, said please give me back my hat
Cause you know you won my money, please don't take my hat

Now Billy Lyon said to Stagger Lee, said please please don't take my life
I got two little children and a poor little homeless wife

Billy Lyon said to Stagger Lee, would you do your friend like that
well you won all my money, and you took my stetson hat

Stagger Lee shot Billy Lyon, and he fell down on his knees
he said Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy if you please

Stagger Lee run to the corner, and he look up and down
said I'd rather see you Billy, six feet in the ground

Now the people start to weepin', and some of them begin to moan
Everybody was worried 'bout poor Billy Lyon was gone

Teena teena na, teena na ni na
Teena na na, teena ni na ni na

Say I want Louis Armstrong and his band
To play the blues as they lay my body down
I want ten thousand women to be at my buryin' ground

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