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Versuri Champion Jack Dupree - Phone call

(a phone rings. Somebody says "Phone call for Jack Dupree")

Thank you, thank you. I wonder who could that be? Oh, yeah?
Hello... who? Gerald? Well I'll be dog-... who? Gerald Ford? Well
I'll be doggone! I thought you had left the White House. What?
Oh, you're leavin' now. Yeah... Well... yeah... Well who... is Jimmy in
there yet? Jimmy who? Jimmy Carter? Yeah, he's comin' in... Huh...
he been doin' what? Sellin' peanuts all over the place? Yeah? He
even sold you a bag of peanuts? Doggone! Peanuts must be good in
the White House, hey? Yeah... Ah... eh eh now look here Gerald, ah,
they tell me that ah, Jimmy Carter done changed Abraham Lincoln's
shirt... Yeah, it used to be white, he's givin' him a black shirt... yeah I
understand... What? He took the book out his hand? Well what did
he put in his hand now? A bag of peanuts? I'll be doggone!
Ah... hey Gerald ah... what you gonna do now since you're leavin' the
White House? What? You and Kissinger gonna do what? You all
gonna open up a plantation!?... Yeah... but, but... yeah... But look
here Gerald, don't let trouble... you ain't got enough niggers there!
Yeah! Because... yeah... you need a lot of niggers and Jimmy Carter
got all of 'em, you understand. Yeah! What he doin'? Paintin' the front
of the White House black? Oooh, I see! He gon' make it the Black
House. Black And White House, yeah, I thought that, yes... yes...
Well look Gerald, I tell you what you do. You take a tip from Jack
Dupree... you go on down there... and if you can find you enough
niggers to make your plantation, you won't have to sell no peanuts
next time the election come around... You sell what? You try to...
yeah, raise... popcorn! popcorn, yeah, that's good, yeah... yeah,
cause they buys a lot of popcorn too... yeah... but if you throw a few
peanuts in it, you understand, it be... what they call it... they call it
Popcorn Peanut! Yeah!

Look here, look here Gerald, I'm gon' come to the White House and...
oh, you won't be there. Well, if you see Jimmy Carter, ... oh he's there
already, yeah... well, look... tell him I'll be there to see him because...
I'm sorry I can't talk to you longer I'm right in the middle of a rehearsal
now... yeah... all right yeah, okay... play it boy...

To call me right in the middle of this rehearsal, now this is terrible ain't
it? But old Ford he always do that ever since I knowed him he would
call me somewhere. He even called me when I was in Sing Sing,
yeah. Yeah, he called me anywhere. So... so now boys we... we will
do somethin' else now cause we was very interrupted with Ford, he
always do that... Talkin' about Jimmy Carter, I know what Jimmy
Carter's doin'. He got all them niggers with him over there, he's doin'
good there. Okay now, we go...

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