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Versuri Pass the courvoisier
- Chamillionaire

The walkin' chandellier is here, but hey something is weird
Door-handles disappeared got shaved off like a beird
NBA Live and Metal Gear nigga, look at ya bimbo
Climbin' in the window, "I just want to play the Nintendo"
Hold up a second kinfolk, ya missing ya slut
Ya misses got stuck, while she was tryin' to get in the truck
I tryed to roll the window up and when I did it got stuck
Now all you candy paint, her legs and her butt
People always mistake me for Mannie Fresh
'Cause hoes see the way I dress and say "Man He Fresh"
Ask Mista Madd, Kat ain't the man to test
So many K's he got the Ku Klux Klan impressed
Hold up a second kinfolk, Koopa shoot the bazooka
And handcuffin' boyfriends don't even introduce her
to Koopa if you don't want Koopa to come and scoop her
With screens fallin' like hoola-hoops on a hoola-hooper
Hold up a second kinfolk, she don't wanna share me
This ain't no funeral stop actin' like an obituary
*Phone Rings*, Operator give me the nearest library
'Cause these hoes keep beggin' me for some dictionary
Bag chicks in the flag-ship, I'ma show all my books

She said she never heard of me before but know all my hooks
That's the way it always begin
The story will end
with me and Victoria in the Victoria Inn
Knock-Knock before I open the door for your w****e
I'll put my jewlrey in the drawer so I can look like I'm poor
Put a ice-pack on my back so I can look like I'm sore
Get a ma*sage from ya braud while we lookin' at porn
Hold up a second kinfolk, I get respect and your last
Niggaz that think I won't make em' cry like tear gas
You want me for trouble I open a can of whoop a*s
I got the game locked, like gladlock zip bags
No kids, so ain't no children callin' me poppa
Only time I'ma poppa, is when the heat 'll go blocka
Until then I'm the one-hitter quitter, hater dropper
When you fall on the floor, I'ma use ya face to mop a
hall way all day, on the C-Wall with a camera
Damnit bruh, I forgot to give a shout-out to Tamera
Well this my shout-out for you, I hope this is cool
To you know who, and you know who Chamillion said what it do