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Versuri Hey lady
- Chamillionaire

G'yeah, Big Gem uh Play-N-Skillz
Chamillionaire you know I'm saying, let's ride.

[Hook - 2x]
Come with me, hey lady won't you ride with me
Cause it's about that time, we about to ride tonight

[Big Gem]
I see you watching mami, you keep on pa*sing by me
I see you sticking out your a*, showing off your body
I see who's hand you holding, he brought you to my show and
Wink at me one more time, and I'ma snatch you from him
I ain't f***g around, I'm only in your town
I don't know, for about three more hours
So let the bottles pop, Crystal.. naw
Henny on the rocks now, you know how I do it brah
We buy the bars out, thugged out blinged out
Every chickenhead, know what we be about
Now here she come again, but without a friend
I told you I would snatch you up, listen to what I said.

[Hook - 2x].

[Big Gem]
What you wanna do, head to the room
Or you wanna chill, with a playa like me
Got the limo outside, we running out of time
Come on shorty, take a ride with me
I got ya where I want ya, you where you wanna be

You say your man's a square, and he can't give you what you need
I put a thousand on it, you a stone cold freak
You ain't an Aquarius, your a*s ain't no Aries
A dime piece Pisces, maybe
You're a gorgeous Taurus, I don't know come closer girl
See I'm a Gemini, both sides to your right
Compatible, offer the best with the freaky type
So let the sparks fly, bring more liquor out
Or you a Scorpio, your a*s finna get dug out
See I ain't playing with ya, Big Gem gon give it to ya
It's what you waiting on, Koopa talk to 'em now.

Now all my Pisces, Libras and Geminis let's ride, yeah-yeah
All my Scorpio, Virgos and Capricorns it's time, yeah-yeah
All my Cancer, Taurus, Neos and my Sag-i-tarious
All my Aries and Aquarius girls let's ride, yeah-yeah.

[Hook - 2x].

G'yeah-g'yeah, hold up mayn
That's my partna Big Gem
And that's the single off of his album
On Universal Records, called "Hey Lady"
Featuring Chamillionaire, hey
Y'all make sure y'all call and request that one
Let's keep it pimping baby