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Versuri Chalie Boy - We back

DJ Bull, Dirty 3rd Records
Chalie Boy & Tite, Still Standin'
Two of the thoedest niggaz in the South
This how it go down, Chalie Boy come on

[Chalie Boy]
I done jumped in, and I done f***d up the game
If my rope get dull, I'ma bust for my change
And my piece, so make sure it glow
Pants with the crease, with a limp I walk slow
Make sure you know I speak English, but ain't from England
Chalie laugh and say I'm short, and walk like a penguin
It don't matter, cause I leave her body tingling
Walking in the club, she on my arm when I'm mingling
Cell phone ringing, who could it be
Don't answer it, if it ain't nobody from the D3
Raw-J, Big Red, Ake or Lil Sho
Tite, Bull, Sir Coop, or Big Rob the Rhino
My shine don't glow, I spit hot flow
If you ain't a dime though, let knuckles hit my do'
I got's to go, so I'ma holla at you later
F***k all you frauds, and f***k all you haters

I'm back on the scene, Hennessey got me lean
Feeling like a Outkast, so fresh and clean
Chrome spinners, 24's they winners
Princess cuts in my mouth, I got show the grinners
I hit the gas spot, making hoes pass out
Full tank of unleaded, then I smash out
We still standing in the line, back on this grind
We been gone for some time, but give me back what's mine
It's the Tite, holla at me when you see me
I'm on the cut still thuggish, still greasy
You wanna be me, naw dog up your flow
I spit hits, while y'all cats just bust a flow
It's the Texas way, Dirty 3rd Records way
I'm bone hard if you want it, come and step this way
Nigga we off the chain, Tite and Chalie running thangs
We can't stop won't stop, we keep it coming mayn

(*gun shots*)

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