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Versuri Chalie Boy - Get em up

[Chalie Boy]
I'm from the city, where the skinny niggaz die
So I stay swoll maintain my weight, and drop haters that pa*s by
I'ma ride, till the wheels fall off
Break mics until I die, or get killed and hauled off
My skills like a sawed off, mixed with south paw and disrespected
When I bust, I leave you disconnected
Not gangsta or a thug, but I love to scrap
Don't like weapons, but don't make me learn to love my strap
And like a happy crowd, I might learn to love to clap
Just learned the pimp game, I love to slap
With back hands I stack grands, the power pelly Pac-Man
You stepping in on my hustle click-clack, back-back man
You boys that's whack man, must be smoking on that strack man
Stepping and thinking I won't attack man, hmmm
I'm a a*s factor, like my name Papa Smurf
Broads see me and smile, so I pop a smirk
I cock the glock, and watch a hater drop and twerk
And all of my blocks is hot, till you could spot my turf
I make you hurt nigga, and that's real
Tite and Chalie Boy, go hard on the seal

Get out the way dog, get out the way dog
Them hoe niggaz, just got dropped
C. B. pa*s the nine, and let me hit 'em in they spine
Bitch niggaz bout to get shot up, for touching mine
Ain't no accident hurting em, so we about to murder em
Hitting niggaz with slugs, from the pair when we serving em
Mo'***s is shaky, they chest plate I'm breaking
Hitting 'em with the heat, like a cake I leave me baking
We on the block, all my niggaz own a glock
Mo'***s get shot, get 'em up and leave 'em dropped
In the hood, niggaz pack nines
Like a beach with some black lines, got beef it's a flat line
D3 the Nutt, it's the Tite mo'***r
On the edge for bread, it's my life mo'***r
With ready slugs, I keep a strap to serve every thug
Tite love to bang, like a Crip and every Blood get 'em up

Know I'm tal'n bout, yeah
We get 'em up in this bitch, already
These bitch a*s niggaz can't f***k with Chalie Boy and Tite
You heard me, I said that
F***k them punch lines, nigga this gangsta rhyme
Anytime you want, go to thug training or som'ing
P***y a*s niggaz, you heard me I said that
I put that on ery'thang, I will f***k you niggaz up
That's a promise, pick a square we could get 'em up nigga
It's like that know I'm tal'n bout, hitting niggaz where it hurt
Mo'***r we out this bitch, yeah dog know I'm saying
I see this mo'***s still a long way
We got's to move something in this bitch, yeah

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