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Versuri Cauterize - Shine

trimise de VivienVivien.

Just for that moment time stood still.

Nothing mattered but the thrill of things to come
and never knowin' where your goin'.
A little nervous and out of practice,
sweaty palms and an awkward silience.
You pulled me closer for a kiss and I'm so scared to feel like this.
Can't stop my hands from shakin'.

I won't blink cause I might miss and I've waited way too long for this.
The perfect words at the perfect time.
The perfect song with the perfect rhyme
compose the soundtrack to our night.
Are you listening?

Tonight the world will wait for us to say it's ok to move again.
The stars will have to find another sky to shed some light
cause this is our time to shine.

Is there some place we could go to be alone?
One last thing before you go.
A little song to let you know
that I never wanted to be anything but everything to you my dear.
But I spoke too soft for you to hear me say,
"I wish that I could stay. "

And though it's our last night,
let's make it a lifetime before the sun comes up again.
I know this is goodbye.
I promise I won't cry if you promise you won't forget

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