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Versuri Cauterize - Promise me

trimise de JialimarJialimar.

If this is a game, then I don't want to play.

This means too much to me and you're so far away.
But I will wait for you.
We can see this through.
Now it's up to you.
Please tell me, you feel the same way too.

A simple touch, the look in your eye, the sound of your voice.
They do something to me I've never felt but I don't ever want to leave.
Looks like it's happened to me once again.
Things are over before they started, another goodbye,
unless you want to... try and I'll promise you I'll try.

A warm embrace;
it's been a while since I've seen your pretty face.
If you would let me, I don't think I would ever leave this place.
Every shared night just feels so right
when I wake up with you in my arms, staring into my eyes.

Tell me that you'll be waiting.

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