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Versuri Cauterize - Choke

There's nothing that I can say
to make you want to stay here with me forever.
There's nothing that I can do to make you want me like I need you to.
I need you to.

Just give me one last chance to say this.
Just give me one last chance to say
what's on my mind and I will get it right.
If I could only get my head above the water for a moment of your time.
But you seem so strong and I can't hold my breath for long.
Have you ever tried to scream under water?
You'll choke.

You said I always sang too loud to sing you a love song.
Well I save my soft voice for the things I really mean.
You always said I had a hard time saying what's on my mind.
Well, here it goes: I hate you for what you've done to me.

When the last word's been said and the last tear's been shed,
I will miss you, miss you my friend.
And I can't tell you lies.
Even after all these years I still cry.

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