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Versuri Cattle Decapitation - Pedeadstrians

Humanity is a nuisance
Some people choose to die
When I come around the corner
There is where you forever lie

Walking with your kids
Their faces now marked with my skids
Accidentally taking your life
No accident... this was no accident.

What was another sunny day
Suddenly, a deathly shade of dark
You and your children now on my grill
Silhouettes on my door--shows who I kill
Killing pedestrians
Up ahead another one is dead

Untimely deaths
This is my specialty
I let God keep the score
The pedal hits the floor
... and I still want more...

Pieces of glass from my headlight
Stick in your eyes, impairing your sight
My auto a human blender
Chunks of viscera splatter my fender

Helplessly awaiting assistance
Rearview shows carnage much further in distance
In reverse I finish the job
Pull forward to reduce your family to globs
Transmission grinds face into pavement
Vertebrial folding and organ displacement
Witnesses distraught and disturbed
Your teeth beyond shattered, your mandible curbed
Gas tank now fills with your blood
Your mother's sweet baby now part of my hood
Should've watched where you were going
Now you're the chunks I'm blowing...

What was another sunny day
Suddenly, a deathly shade of dark
You and your family now on my grill
Silhouettes on my door show who I kill
Up ahead...
A million more are dead

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