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Versuri Cattle Decapitation - Deadmeal

So, now, you're begging for life:
All hopes and dreams are kicked aside
Your reflection in my knife, reflects humanimal demise

Every man
Every child
Punishment for being alive
White meat
Dark meat
Red meat
Dead meat

So ravenously consumed
Your disassemblage--my bloodlust anxiety
In heat for human meat
Every piece--digest complete
Crack open the epithelia
A meal in yourself

Frozen alive and placed in scalding broth to separate skeletal trash
Fine portions of meat slough off
It's in this industry we find deeper meanings for the human being
Force-fed murder

You have long been a killer
You have long been dead
This has all been a holocaust
You have long been force-fed

Dead meal for the masses
Condiments of fluid and bile
Efficient waste and disposal
Hors d'ourves arriving in piles

Frozen alive and placed in scalding broth
Preparation of s***t breeders
Fine portions of meat slough off

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