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Versuri Catch 22 - Good times

trimise de EllarockEllarock.

Mostly, I'm an optimist, but my bad news still persists. I'm going on about my problems. What's
wrong with our world today? It may sound funny, but I give you all my money and keep on going
without a doubt. We had good times playing and saying "Life is good. It could be better, but
don't you dare give out. " I never thought I would make it this far by stumbling between every
nightclub and bar. Every itme I seem to catch my big break the man calls me up and says,
"There's been a mistake. " Who can I count on? What can I count on? Where should I turn
to? Why should I be with you? From day to day I could get so depressed. I've never been someone to
be oppressed. In my life when s***t hits the fan I simply sit back and follow this plan.

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