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Versuri Catch 22 - Chin up

Close your eyes real tight underneath the city lights. You can't hear the noise below your room.
Take a real deep breath and get those feelings off your chest. We'll work it out and wake up in each
others' arms. Underneath, it's never over. Looking back over my shoulder. We always said that we
would meet up again when we were ten years older. I hadn't thought about her in a while until she
showed up in a dream I had lying listlessly in a bed with a string of broken hearts hanging from her
finger. I said, "Let's take a drive with a pack of Camel Lights into the middle of nowhere and
talk about our lives. " Hear me say listen up. Silence. Can't let it go. Got to get it out. You
can't take it back? That's bullshit. I took it and crushed it and painted it black. I swallowed the
match. It's burning at my insides. Chip up until it touches the moon, sad and forsaken one. It's you
I'm talking to.

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