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Forest enthroned - versuri Catamenia |
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Versuri Catamenia - Forest enthroned

trimise de Hellboy666Hellboy666.

I am a night in to the darkness, only soul lost with me, I walk throught the
Night in to the forest and everything stays behind me, i'm waiting for another chance... it
I capture my eyes, I wait for the end, I see the holograms of today, only soul with me I
Carry my shadow, and it call's my name... my name.
I see the light, my mind can't touch it, emperors name and the final thoughts, hearing
Whispering from my soul, i'm so cold inside but still it's a truth... whispering inside of
I touch my eyes, i'm dreaming for end, and enchanting woods is only a dream, I feel the
Sun my eyes will burn, for my soul I see anything.

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