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Versuri Catalin Josan - Nothing more to say

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I. It's a one way street
No space for turning back
Girl your lie it is not easy to forget
'Cause I gave you all of me
All my love entirely
You broke my heart don't say that you're sorry
Anteref : You'll be fine by tomorrow
In the morning my love will be history
Only a memory
Girl you know I have to go
Ref : Baby look at me now, as I'm looking at you
There is nothing in the world that we can do
Oh.. this is true
Baby this is the time, to be saying goodbye
'Cause we're fighting for to long
And baby this is wrong
There's nothing more to say when love is gone
II. And I know the time
Would said it out for you
And the sun will shine again opon your street
Don't be crying anymore
Wipe your tears from out of floor
'Cause you don't need baby you don't
Anteref :
Ref x 2

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