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Versuri Catalin Josan - Aound around

trimise de Miky10Miky10.

Strofa 1:
There she lay. Was hardly breathing.
Heard the music pleasing, teasing.
Chains of rhythm wrapping round her soul.

Million shivers. Hyper thrilling.
Give in to this drunken feeling.
Crave for more. Just break away.
Let? s fly, let? s fly away!

Around, around, the sound is loud.
The music takes over the ground.
The vibe, the feeling... Oh so nice!
Come dance with me. Let? s fantasise!

Strofa 2:
There she was. His heart stopped beating.
Catching up with hers? Completing.

Stars were watching them from up above.

Words unsaid. This was their anthem.
Everything revolved around them.
Waves of sinful dreams were close.
A charming overdose.


Shades of love are brightening the sky
Thousands kisses later. This should never die
Our time has just begun

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