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Versuri Castrum - Weeping inside plagued mirrors

Bloodthirtsy pleasures fulfiled
By lecherous act in wood
My eyes lust for thee
To touch your breast below moon
Devouring impulse whishes grace
While trees sway and throw thrill
My veins bleed for you to drain them
In this crepuscular eve

She is now my bride

Inquisitive she beholds
Lightness and darkness clash
In burial-case I suffered her death
And felt the burnt flesh
Magnificience she wanted to see
Her desire and agony
Beautiful now she falls asleep
Entwined in ebony

Bizarre fear in these chambers of filth
By rising sunlight we shall feel
Benighted shadows - bemoan wolves
It seems they wilt
For something that once we have lost
"HER INNOCENCE"... dark is my will...

She will always be
Within my plagued eyes
Inside elysian waived weeping sky
Ghosts and wraiths moan
Serenade of night

Beloved Mirna - Angelic flight
Behind the mask of dusk
Sunrise she scorns
Queen of lycantrophy, moonlight and woe

Farewell my princess
Light endowed to thee dress of dawn
Our love must die in midnight sins
We are torn asunder by his sunrising crown

Dulcet lips I will never again kiss
Below cobwebly entwined breeze
With darkness enclosed on thy sea and shore
I shall love you eternaly... forever more...

Winter quietly knits nupital dress of snow
And wakes up lust written in send
Awhile my pupils red glow
In black heart of night I am condemned

On her dead lips
I am laying down the petals of a rose
And releasing from the shores of my heaven
Where angel cries
In dark winterskies
She shall breathe in each fall
As I walk through them.

My eyes are living ember
Which is weeping upon her soul
In this land of cobweb
Love will never again grow
Winter is bringing gentle touch of princess hand
Dolorous... in eyrie
Immortal there I stand

Fallen bride is all that I see
She shall come to plug-out the pain
Enthralled with beauty in her swirl... again
As winter whispers I remain

This nocturnal art
Is yet undone
Waiting for innocence
To enter and run
Through our woods
Of this nature unbound
Drained flesh
Rising sunlight shall find
Behind blue hell
Black candles we hold
Those who desecrate our kingdom
Dark shall enfold...

Push away me from their cliff
On shores of emptiness
Again we shall arose within
Asleepen waves and veins of thee

Together we shall awake within
Asleepen waves and veins of thee

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