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Versuri Castrum - On the wings of dark angel

Silent flow my tears
On face of ashen time
'Cause you're leaving on the paths
Of happiness and gentle innocence
And I abide to stand
As statue of past
Between foreign views
And pale forgotten avidity
Don't be frightened to tread
Through gloomy forests
'Cause once in them I've slept
Propserity and shine I've dreamed

... with ashes strewed paths vanish in infinity
Petals of once red now black rose are dying
On Earth in which darkness I am born
To obey these weeping waves of darkly seas
To attend howling of wolves in mist
And whispers of blackwinds from Carpatia.

But deep inside myself I knew
That my instant will not come
'Cause I am the silhouette of sorrow
And reality which disappears within night
Don't be afraid of ominous shadows
'Cause once with them I have danced

And learn secret of quiet pain
In coldness on my hands you can feel
In eyes of mine evilness you can see
Suffering and agony will always remain

Orgy, vine, m******n
Below monolith of god
Redemptation and starvation
From the wolves embraced lamb

She enchants me... petrifies
Azure turns to crimson skies
I stay stoned with ghostly eyes
To watch my angel's flight
I am rebelled shadow
Upon the light
Abomination bathed
In blasphemic mouth

"Through me you pass
Into the city of woe:
Through me you pass
Into eternal pain:
Through me among
The people lost for aye...
Before me things
Create were none, save things
Eternal, and eternal I endure.
All hope abandon, ye who enter here".

Moisture and obscurity enclose me
Magnificent moonlight illuminated me
Poisoned words to me are assigned
Soul of mine is infected with lust
I'm asleep and dream your embrace
Your sweet lips I feel
And pray gods to wait
'Cause I never want to wake up

Your name winds will whisper
Till on them I ride
And your heart will moan the same
In eternal love we fall
On the wings of dark angel
Tardily I begin to melt
For the kiss of dark angel
I expire my final breath.

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