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Versuri Travelling
- Castle

Travelling space and time, swooping down from skies
Fourth-dimension crime, fields of hope the prize
Inner states of pain, overwhelming memory
With an immense strain, I forget the Prophecy
Nights are unpredictable, fear or restless nights
Staying awake is umbearable, maybe I should enter the light

When I was Young and believed in Father
The world did seem so small and old
Sands of time won't go further
All my dreams have been sold.

No one imagines, what I feel clawing fright..
Enter light, meet the One, travelling: the first time
I will fight, fear is gone, the second time
Growing might, all is done, the third time
End in sight, nearly won, enter the Fourth Dimension!!.

Travelling, searching the Light
All my efforts were in vain, I can see it plain
There will be no reward, death is near, life is short
Always heading to the light.


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