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Versuri The seventh empire
- Castle

I am the Emperor, ruling all known universe
I have absolute power and absolute thirst..
Thirsty for even more, wasting energy in great haste
Eager to learn the Lore, fertilizing psionic waste
Conquering my enemies, striking them with all my might
Changing all known histories, the winner is always right
Watching at my Empire, borders seem without end
Greed is burning like a fire, I weep but I don't understand..

I have changed a lot, once humble, now God; WHY???.

In my youth, long ago, changing all with determination
I seem my alter-ego, trying to change my destination
Thirty years I've been sleeping, my whole Empire has been weeping.

I now realize the Empire changed me, instead of me changing the Empire
I have become what I once.. did despise
But instead of hating myself, I enjoy it..
Enjoy the power, that's what I hate: I don't hate myself..

The game is nothing; the playing of it is everything..

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