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Versuri Exposed
- Castle

Since long.. been floating.. through oceans.. alone..
Big walls of ice protect me for the outside
It's cold inside, a neverending grey night
Despite the safety, I dream and moan
They're always about the same they're warm
But warmth becomes heat, it's growin': a red storm.

A long time ago, I did, trust a young God
He did gave me warmth, he did care a lot!
But as true gods do, he faded, disappeared in the air
Left me with my solitude, life isn't fair.

I did shape my wall
Wrote my youth on a scroll
Gods don't care after all
The time consumer ate my life
Benefitting from my age of strife
Now warmth is kept away
And everyday is the same day.

My eyes they stare through tunnels of glass..
Slowly the second sunrise appears
It's purple rays, they melt, come near
Memories: dripping, I remember how it was
But it wasn't worth it for an innocent mermaiden
I've lost his feelings and lost his faith.

I now do have an alternative
I have the choice to stay or to live
Once I lived, it hurts a lot
Where is he? My Son of God?
Where is he now, your Son of God

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