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Versuri Alter reality
- Castle

Everything is tied, even God has his strings
There's left much pride.. Heritage of old kings..
Woven with laws, woven with lies
Life's the cause, Pain's the prize
But I can change, everything around
Heaven's in range, with the spice I found.

I am the Son of morning, destined to try
Climbing all my mountains, climb so high
Watching the screaming seas.. of Eternity
I decide to become God, Alter Reality.

Leave fear behind, alter my fate
God must be blind, I hope that it's not too late
Feel so alive, making new rules
Despair is the drive, I'm joining divine fools..
Leaving Reality..

Nooo, scorching pain, FIVE voices.. going insane
Gates of life open wide and scream, knowledge lost
Why isn't it a dream..
All was in vain, I ain't no God, unbearable pain, faith it
Starts to rot
Feelings mummified, Voices in my head, at least
I have tried
Now my mind has fled
Leaving Reality..

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