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Versuri Cassidy - Hotel

[Intro: R. Kelly]
Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to the sounds of swizz beats. We got Cassidy in here. Kels!
We in our throwbacks This for the ladies we got room keys

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
Girl you wanna come to my hotel baby I will leave you my room key I'm feelin the way you carry
yourself girl And I wanna get with you cuz yous a cutie So if you wanna come to my hotel all you do
is holla at me Cuz we're havin an after party, checkin out 6 in the mornin

[Verse 1: Cassidy]
I'm stayin in the hotel not the motel or the holiday inn If that girl dont participate well then ima
take her friend Well if mami is with it then mami can give it then mami a rider Ima slide up beside
her I go a suite you can creep on through I know you tryin to get your freak on too I'll do it all
for that

Yeah I ball for that Hit the mall for that keep it fly for them Keep my eye on them, hot tub for
them Pop bub for them, I got love for ma, yeeah!


[Verse 2]
Were the new Car-tel R. Kel with the kid Cass-idy Girl if your man start actin up ask for him or ask
for me Cuz see we could go get it crackin but you know what'll happen We be under the covers makin
love to each other I got a double bed ones to sleep on other ones to get my freak on



[Verse 3: Cassidy & R. Kelly]
We goin Chi-town steppin out to the club lettin out And we gon s*x it out till we all checkin out I
got my chick i'ma bring to the tele We bout to tdo the damn thing sing to em Kelly Its alright if
you wanna come with me And fulfill your fantasy baby in my hotel suite And its ok if you wanna party
night til day I will do anything you say Just come to my hotel


You've just hear a classic featurin the one and only Kels, Cassidy Swizz Beats the monster Full
service the labe Rock the family Ruff Ryders the family This ones for the ladies yall the baby
believe it Get your hands up its over

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