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Versuri 1 love 4 life
- Caspa

trimise de EmmilyEmmily.

this is for all the women in the world
it's what I am talking about
I want you to listen to this real good
it's all the advice I can give you.

I got one love for life
all the women in this world
keep your head up
now that all the people are getting cold and
the ever lasting chase
the smile on your faces
should never fade away no mather the different stages
I know these times and days just keep getting harder
that's why we think of safety of our protecting fathers
I wish that you will understand when I see the good
in all the wrong I'd erase, I wish I could
but no mather what you do just don't forget the lovin' couse
some of us never wake hard in the passion we're showin'
the parties we're throwin and when our arms are blowing
but when it comes to you and me damn I'm never joking
have you ever had a person next to you that
no mather the big the fight is you wanna do that
you wanna do what ever it takes just for her affection
and I ask you now: does that deserve attention?.

how manny of you all fell in love so deep
that you even start thinking about making the big leap
how manny of you all had moment to feel like tripping
couse if you want the good things you got to make them happen
that's what my first feeling that made me start rappin'
then the last one so strong that felt like soul treppin
I did it to care the way to make your own decisions

the way you form your beliefs that make your own religion
how manny of you all believe in female intuition
that she knows what's gonna happen next in your own compliction
hold you head up high always be ready to ride yeah
I am on your side but sometimes I wanna cry
express your feelings you got holding on the side
couse the person who'll listen to you eint hard to find
if you want love and respect just leave your stupid pride
I'll love you till I leave my place on the other side.

my biggest wish I ever had is to take you all next to me
couse in the>>>>>> of love I am no royalty
and I ask you now have you set your own missions?
I know I was raised by women in the kitchen
I found someone thrue to spend our lives together
and nothing but to bring that, that crazy love forever
the problems to sepper, this happines and never cause pain to eachther
and every moment I treasure
and I am saying this couse I know you all dream the same thing
not just the false impression I am talking everything
everything feels something when nothing comes for free
listen to your heart and she'll tell you what to be
be carefull though not to fall in the deepest soul
the darkness wraps around preventing you for reaching your goal
a true love that passed away something earned to cry for
must walk the street but believe is one love for life

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