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Versuri Cartel - Hey, don't stop

it's never easy to see the sun
when you're locked up in this
pretty plaster cage
so she says
she'd love to feel alive again
but this loneliness necessitates her void

and i tell her don't stop
trying to be the one
cuz one day it won't matter
who you are
she's had enough of being down
and it seems that everything
that she's heard

it's everything that makes her cry
and it's just about time
to get this right
cuz i don't know
if it's all about taking this drink tonight
and i've been thinking baby
that you're out of your mind

so now it's midnight
and she leans against the wind
she finds it cold and comforting
in this bold and daring glow
yeah, we all know to pass the time
we pass around a few cold stares
and wonder who we are
i think she's better off this way

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