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Versuri Carson Lori - Anyday

You're enough
If I never had another
Mever hol another love
Baby, you're enough
All the rest are second best
Compared to you.
You're enough
If I never knew another
After what we've known together
Baby, you're enough
I'm already had ny sweetest dreams come true
Can't you see
In these eyes that adore you
I've been waiting here for you
Baby, can't you see
Look at me
See love's greatest non-believer
Believing that she might be seeing love
In your eyes
Stars above
Made for wishin', made for dreamers
Won't you listen to this heart
And what it's dreamin' of
If they'll only shine there lucky starlight down on me
Make it brightenough for you and me to see
That, baby, you're enough for me

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