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Versuri Carola - The pearl

If eyes can tell a story
If looks could write a tale
Then yours would keep on telling me
about a love that will never fail.

The days I walked in worry
The nights I spent in tears
Now they all seem so far away
You've made the dark clouds disappear

I was lost in a cold and lonely world
Until I found you.

You are a pearl I set out to find.
A hidden jewel of a different kind
You are more precious than gold
More valuable than diamonds
You are a treasure buried in the ground
That I won't trade what ever comes around.

I've cried upon your shoulder
You've been a helping hand
And I know in times of need
On you I could depend
But you're more than just a brother.
You're more than just a friend.
You're all I ever longed for
I know you're from heaven sent.

I was lost in a cold and weary place
Until I found you

You a the pearl...

Without your I'll be
A thousand miles from home
Like a ship searching for a shore
But I know your light will guide me

You are the pearl...

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