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Versuri Misfortune
- Caro Jara feat Roberto Jimena

trimise de Dailymusic2000Dailymusic2000.

it's easy to give birth, but it's hard to leave
to love is normal, but to be adored is difficult
but this is because you are misfortune
you are like a bad thing in the world of good
everyone thinks you're bitter
and can not taste you
everyone thinks you're bad and do not try
everyone thinks you are a danger and they are afraid
but at least you think someone loves you if not them
someone feels for you what no one ever dared
and if you have bad luck, think about it only at this
because that's good
it's your good
it's your happiness and your love
it's your only one
makes you happy and transforms you good
what else is required?

beautiful dangerous rose?
has claws and scratches you, but it also has a sweet smell
something sweet and bitter
a combination
when you are really sweet, but others see you bad
as if they would not see you
are blind, but you see them
but it's someone who always sees you
and cares about you
but others do not
and only because of that
because you are misfortune
loves you
when nobody loves you
it's always someone to love you for that
to be near you and whisper to you and touching
and then deeply embrace your wilderness
it's your luck
and you do not want any more
only unique