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Versuri Carnivore - S*x & violence

Monkey wrench in my hand
In my groin a swollen gland
Tonight perform brain surgery
Or some gynecology
Clock work orange fast be comming
Rampant sreets gangs overrunning
After darkness raging war
What do they keep living for?
S*x and violence
I love to hear your scream in vain
Pattered blood and semen stains
Rape and murder lesson learned
Meaning of life? - Pain and sperm
Prey upon the old and fieldpless
Reconditioning is useless
Ultra - violent offsprings of gore
What do they keep living for
S*x and violence
If you can't eat it or f***k it...
Then kill it!
S*xual deviation
Religious desecration
Civil mutilation
Violent procreation
Bleed for me

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