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Versuri Carla's Dreams - It's raining

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Strofa 1:
So if you know my love is true,
And if u say this love is for you
For you, for you,
You know I'll always do,
We'll be all right, I'll take your hand,
By making love we'll make a stand,
But now you're gone
And all I need is to be with you baby.

Refren: (2x)
It's raining, it's raining
In my heart and I am going down right now,
The world is fading to me, to me, to me.

Strofa 2:
The time goes by, I've got it all,
I'll make you see, I'll make it through,
Then you'll stop falling into my arms,
Please stop falling into my arms,
I'm begging you to stop. STOP!
And even now I think of you,
Our love was "chi" and will always stay true,
Stay through
And I am saying baby come around, come around,
Come around, come around.

Refren: (2x)

It's raining,
I am going down right now, going down right now,
Going down right now,
I'm going down, down
And you feel, feel the love.

Refren: (2x)

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