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Versuri Cardigans - Feathers and doom

So you're trying to do what they did,
Your friends that turned to liquid,
And got lost in a sea...
Now you're drowning me

With your talk of four-leaf clovers
You turn to rocks and omen
To beat the ambient harm
That is bruising your karma

Oh, I wish my arms were wider,
I wish that I could hide you,
So you can rest and repair
Without the blanket of sorrow...

The thick and the gray,
Your blanket of woe
Is so heavy and stained
And it only weighs you down


So you thought that getting sober
Would mean your life was over
I don't think it's that bad,
I don't think it's that sad.

Just you sleep a little baby,
Live the world alone and later,
If you wake up alive,
That old blanket of sorrow

Could be feathers and down
Your blanket of woe
Would leave you alone
And I could love you 'til you drown

Come to me, let's drown,
Come baby, let's drown
In feathers and down.

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