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Versuri Slash dementia
- Carcass

Your jugular arteries ripped
Viscous juices gush and bleed
You're gutted, skinned and mangled
Enteral disorder is freed
Tour rib-cage wrenched and torn
Still pumping heart is crushed and smashed
Your alimentary canal is finely chopp
Lumpen meat is hacked..

.. Disembowel, chop and trash..

Veins are stripped and flayed
Of haemorrhage, bile and sweat
Savoured cuts are cured
Bodily parts are wrecked
Bissection of the twisting corpse
Copious blood is drained
Captive-bolt and pole-axe
Shred, trash and maim..
.. Dismember, carve and hack..
I rip open pectoral cavities to devour my still-steaming grub

Drinking adeps and effluence, smearing myself in congealing blood
I tear at sauted crackling to guzzle on fetid swag
Butchered remains are carved and collected in a doggy-bag..
I mince up your limbs, off-cuts and cartiledge
Stuffing freshly-drawn intestine with grated coronary arteries
I slice from your mutilated trunk runny fats and rind
Skewering eye-orbits, brain, genitals and organs I grind..
Bins of torrid offal where writhing stomachs squirm
Chunks amongst your thighs and rump, crawling with tape-worm
Snapped spinal column is gnawed, curdled trypsin turns into to cheese
Your vena cava lashed, on your pericardial sac I feed..
I gourge myself on your loin, erepsin and brine consumed
Blubbering escharic tegument, steaming remains turned into grume..

.. Cranial fluids sucked..
.. Flooded organs crushed..
- You are totally wasted..
Your dissected shell collapses, as I eat congested insides
Disregarded entrails fume and rot, now host to hungry flies..

.. Cranial fluids sucked..
.. Flooded organs crushed..
- You are totally wasted..

(Solo: Complete and utter dismantlement of torsos with carnage).

.. Slow bissection makes me laugh..