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Versuri Capital Letters - Daddy was no murderer

Babylon feel no way while I tell you of a story
But its a serious accusation of how you treat my daddy
I lay there in my bed didn't know that I was dreaming
But it gave me cause to think cause I ended up screaming

My daddy was no murderer
Seh papa was no murderer
Daddy was no murderer
Papa was no murderer

I see the lights flashing down our place one night
So I get up turn on my bedroom light
Thinking someone bust up in a little fight
But ot my horror, I found I was not right
Instead I see police bang down my door
So I run downstairs fe go ketch little more
Only to hear you're wanted,
your wanted, your wanted,
You're a wanted man
You have the right to remain silent they said
Whatever you say will be taken down
And used as evidence against you


Now my father he being a peaceful man
Did not resist to these wicked policemen
Instead he pleaded, said he could not see
The reason why they plead him guilty
Thank god that I was only dreaming
That daddy was no murderer
No murderer
That's all i scream and I shout in my bed I say no
Oh no no no
Mother left us from when we were small
You take away my daddy you take away all
Everything we lived for


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