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Versuri 13
- Capewalk


my wet hands in my pockets
i can hardly bear the sight
see her cross the schoolyard
in early morning light
yes they call me crazy
but i only lost my mind
everyday i'm waiting here
to see her passing by.

i'd travel with her to the stars
but as she never cares for me
i fear we won't get far.

you're cheatin' day by day
you throw my heart away
you don't imagine what you have and what you lose
i'd play your dinner-maid
i'd buy what you can't pay
and in the morning i'd be polishing your shoes.

one day i heard her answer
still i'm shaking full of thrill
she said honey yes i love you
and yes i always will
my brains intoxicated
i asked her what d' you mean
getting a taste of cold wet sweat
i woke up from this dream.

why is reality so cruel
why can't you see
that i always would be true to you