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Versuri Canned Heat - My mistake

trimise de FloreaFlorea.

Well I thought I'd been a gambler
and I pegged my baby wrong
Worrying about a nightmare baby
it's been worrying me too long
I'm just trying to tell you
what's been on my mind

well you didn't even write me
and I didn't know how come...
I sat around and wondered
how could I be so awfully dumb
I had the blues so bad
it hurt my mind to talk

I thought you had run a game on me
I hope you understand
Now everything is fine
and I'd like to be your man
but you never did a thing to
let me done its true

Now I never've loved a women
in the way that I love you
it was such a bad bad scene
when I thought that we were through...
But i cried and i cried
but i ain't gonna cry no more

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