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Versuri Cannae - Symmetry of fear

Methods of self preservation, survival doesn't adhere to the weak
Revenge sounds good as a motive
Each of us live our own timeline
There's no way to escape
Decorate your own paper savior,
Forgives you for all of your sins
Dead bodies left for a trail
Children's hope pierced by members of the church
Slash the neck of the holy cross bearer
I say it's time to think like us
Perception of pureness disguised as priests
For so many years the world should turn
The answers to your life are not found here
It's time you all must think like this
Your disguise is no longer there
Your accepted misguidance
Convinced this is how to be loved by the lord
The epitome of evil
Your secret:
It is up and now is your time to pay
Now is your time to pay
Preserving the symmetry of fear for you to follow

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