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Versuri Uk freestyle with clef
- Canibus

My lyrical inertia
rips holes thru the fabric of universes
with rhymes three times the density of what the earth is
I carry lyrics for niggas who carry burners
you against me is like a lighter against the furnace
knockin niggas out and knockin niggas off
comin around the way with them lugz that look like clarks
check the astrophysics of these lyrical lyrics
comin in digits to big for niggas to count on they fingers
check the hype s***t
blow up a mic s***t
you might get beat the f***k up in broad daylight with a nightstick
mentally advanced ever since the brain transplant
Canibus receives the Fugee jacket from texzan.

The secret of the ages
I illuminate with logic
what I speak is more than just deep its bottomless
with common sense Im organized like crime and mafias
plus the way I rhyme is prime like optimus
a rapologist u could sit and do the knowledge with
from GEDs to degrees from Ivy League colleges
I politic with any magazine columnist
about topics other mcs won't even bother with
rock solid s***t like stones and monuments
its obvious the third eye of the obelisk is watchin us
closely thru a microscope and a pair of binoculars
ghetto scholars like me who study street calculus
I utilize every letter of the Arabic alphabet
to touch a part of your body that makes you feel arroginis.

I drink a gallon of the ginseng extract
And harness all my lyrical power to rip tracks
I shed light upon pitch black
So at times even my third eye finds my rhymes too bright to glimpse at
I think back to before I was born
When suckas wasn't even involved in this art form
Now they write rhymes to reflect nothin but hard times
While I be on America Online
Electronically mailin my thoughts across the information highway
Tryin to communicate with Yarway <<????
Discoverin s***t, to make a nigga bug
I speak a language that don't even require the tongue
Raps carry the impact of a sawed-off
Get in my face and you're liable to get yours blown off
I'm a show off, everybody up North knows I'm the best
LL couldn't bring it to me if he had my home address
Much less defeat me, you must be takin steroids and not eatin
your Wheaties
And smokin crack instead of Beadies
Step in the ring, I'll put you through pain you never been through
Torture but force you to tap out so I don't have to pin you
You see my style will get in you like an injection
Lyrical ooze causin rap crews to become X-Men
Infecting emcees with a disease there's no cure for
No man can withstand a Canibus metaphor
I'll freak a rhyme till the sampler stops countin the bars
In delegate laws as if I'm God
So call me arrogant if you want to
But the Canibus creates ciphers niggaz can bring a lighter and a blunt to
Uncle Sam wants you but he don't want me
Cuz lyrically I'm too advanced for you average emcees
My field of force is, bigger than twenty golf courses
Eerie like government theories behind flyin saucers
I go on and on and on for hours
Till batteries die then I spit through auxiliary power!!!!!