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Versuri Scarfaces
- Canibus

First nigga to move
Get laced like shoes
An example so the second nigga knows what to do
Where I'm from we don't give a f***k about rules,
We grimey
(*sample from "Scarface" * I killed 2 kids in???)
Aiight muhf***ka
I'm one of the worst Scarfaces

That'll carve ya name in the pavement s***t is outdated
I go to Mt. Rushmore
Wit High-Powrered lasers
Replace all 4 of them faces
Wit 4 facelifts
1 at a time
Til they all look like mine
A new and improved design
For the 1 triple 9
A betta nigga
Wit betta lyrics
And betta rhymes
Ahead of my time
I'll even put my life on the line
While you in the studio writin ya rhyme
I'll run up in it wit a hydrogen bomb
Singin a sacred psalm.............
And I'll blow us all to hell in the name of Allah!!!!!