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Versuri Razorsharp
- Canibus

Yo, Yo, Yo
If I'm hawkin you like a bird
It ain't cuz I respect you god
It's becuase I'm tryin to find a perfect place for me ta s***t on
Niggaz hear about me
And discreetly set up a date to meet me
To see if they can defeat me
But yo, I ain't ready fa no muthafuckas to eat me
That's why you'll find little peices of mc's in my f***s weekly
You can't beat me
You can't control alt delete me
Man you can't even shine on a song that features me
Slippery saliva keeps my delivery tighter
Enablin me to outmaneuver Russina mig fighters
Launchin missiles at wack rap artists like they was targets

Fa comin to Broad and Market wit that garbage
From downtown Newark to South Orange
Niggaz payin homage
I'll battle you fa anything you own worth pawnin
Rapas snapped, get ya a*s cracked like bear traps
Contaminate ya air sacs like tear gas
And I swear black
Try to battle me you won't last
I'll turn ya a*s into the artist formerly known as
You gay a*s fag
I'll blow you to ashes wit my tactics
Strip you naked and make u hug a cactus
You creatures
From the "How Can I Be Down" conference
To the Gavin
Wack emcee's get slapped in they faces fa rappin
Fa absolutely no ryhme or reason I start beefin
Spittin words faster than Puerto Ricans speakin
Keys to make an example outta someone you recpect
That'll discourage you fa tryin ta test
Whoever ain't ever nice enough rhyme wit me
Should surrender they soul and combine wit me
Or die violently
I'm tryna be
A millionaire before the year's up
Hungry like the dog wit his ear's up
This little nigga wit heart from North Newark
The only thing fasta than the speed of light
Is the speed of dark
Wit the jaws of a great white shark
I rip you apart
My state of the art
Lyrical lasers is razor sharp