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Versuri Ladies & willies
- Canibus

Mc's wit thin throats
Get lynched wit thick ropes
Nod til they necks broke
And they cassette decks smoke
I'm prolly the most murderous
Version of a modern day copernicus
The world has ever heard of yet
Cold blooded and rugged
Shove a gun turret to ya stomach

And start bustin
Til ya s***n buckets of dry ice nuggets
Cold freestylin
Cold rhymin
Cold enough to freeze the mucus linin
In ya sinus rock solid
Straight runnin thru the competetion
Quicker than calculators take to run through long division
From the beginnin
From the start to da finish
Quicker than
The cameras niggaz use to see a split decision
Arms swingin
A 4/5th slingin
Pop ya clip in
Cap. One and Canibus is