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Versuri Hot 99 ''release day'' freestyle part ii
- Canibus

Im as dangerous as they come
dangerous with or without a gun
Ive been dangerous since day one
rhyme flows explode like pyros
stick to your ribs like chicken in thick gravy from Roscos
you get ur head flown if your dumb in the dome
or struck with some stones 'til you feel numb in the bones
you better keep your big mouth closed
before I stick the muzzle of my chrome in that hole under your nose
send a signal to my index and tell it to fold
in the direction of my wristbones to release your soul
I told you to freeze if I was you I would of froze
but you chose the other route and got blown full of holes
pistol to ur mug cripple ur toungue rip thru ur lungs

right ur name of your tombstone scribbled in blood
come on gimme a little love
is there anybody out there that never felt one rhyme that Canibus bus
you a liar liar your pants on fire
watch the goat with ghostwriter get slaughtered by a tiger
I smeared his career like dodoo inside a diaper
uh yea ay yo yo
you saw him in the Pun video holdin up his lighter
smeared his career like dodoo inside a diaper
my style is sicker than infected women and men
Im so raw I can catch AIDS without stickin it in
flip and dip like shrimps in scampee
switch my language like a black kid raised by a spanish nanny
think you got big gahunas?
I got bad news after tonight you'll have a testicular tuma
Yo shut that off right there yo (beat cuts off)
Yo check it out
Cause from a dirty Manhattan alley
to Atlanta where pimps drive Caddys
to Trick Daddy and Trina down in Miami
to Louisiana with Cash Money and Manny
to the Sky Bar at the Mandrion out in Cali
drinkin a raspberry daiquori
I'll assault and batter you badly
my words fire rapidly like a heavily armed apachee
piloted by a trigger happy Iraqi with extremely bad acne
I cause catastrophe to any nigga for tryin to battle me