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Versuri Horseman talk
- Canibus

F***k beggin for ya life..
I'll have you niggas beggin for your death
Use a dull blade to severe your neck
Your wack because i say so
In my platoon
niggas like you are good for peelin patatoes
wit ya manacured hands an gay clothes
ill murder ya first born after its only a day old
rip the jacker rips the track up
rippin rappers 8 sac rippin that a*s up
niggas back up when i attack with my axe up
swingin faster
than tiger woods at the masters
i decapitate you faggots
then gallop over your body wit a horse and carraige
kidnapp your widow

f***k her in a wooden cabin
then pa*s the p***y to priest an let him stab it
ask ka*s an kurupt if they wanna get at it
laughin like maddmen
swallowin X tablets
natural born spitters that mean business
millenium niggas, got the sword to???
an we all got a bone to pick
niggas talkin bout frozen wrists
an how much dough they get
go to war wit em like the bosnians and the Bolsheviks
put an umbrella up they a*sholes an open it
while im still holdin it
open it an closin it
an i break they muthafukkin pelvic bones wit it
i was sabotaged everybody knows that s***t
a nigga spittin like me aint suupposed to brick
now i got a formula thats guarenteed to work
the horsemen remember you heard it from me first
four niggas that done been thru it
with more knowledge than the druids
and the will power to do it
my cranium pumps uranium
my first names germaine
so my heart probably pumps germainium
when i die. they should have my wake at the stadium
you could witness my body being dumped by aliens
radiation poisoning'll probably make your skin fall off
mutha fukka this is horsemen talk..