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Versuri Future flaza
- Canibus

I'm prolly what you'd call a
Record industry population enforcer
I slaughter like a hunnid rappers each quarter
In order to keep the s***t in order
Track wack niggaz down from borda ta borda
Just like the stories of the hare and the tortoise
The rabbit was faster but fell asleep in the forest
But lost cuz the Tortoise had endurance
I always stay focused the longest
I promise I could battle any artist until they just get exhausted
and forfeit
Wit actual supernatural forces
I'm a Horseman from Hell
Immune to the garlic water and the crosses
After the last album I went thru a metamorphasis
And probably fired more niggaz than Doug Morris did

I kicked the dead beats out
Turned around and switched my whole team out
Now I got some bangin a*s beats now
It paid off
Cuz I came off
Like Adolf
And I could murda any mutha-what camp I concentrate on
Wit the first strike
I'm so nice
I could exterminate
More suckas than the 1st Reich
The way I burn mic's
I've been accused of bein all hype
All bark and no bite
Every night I got into a bar fight
Defendin my title
Cuz niggaz was like "Yo, yo, I ain't feelin ya s***t"
And i had to beat they a*s wit Tae -Bo
Read somewhere that I was wack?!
Musta been a typo
Out of a grand i got 755 votes fa
Freestyle Champion
2 years in a row
The type of rhymes I be spittin
Ya'll suckas ain't even close
You wonder why I do dis?
I do dis
Because I find it therapeudic
For all my entusaiasts to love my music
You stupid
My brain's fasta than Craig cimputers
The microprocessor's submerged in cryogenic fluids
On some rude s***t
Put doo-doo on ya boot
And tell you you betta not use it
Then BOOTleg ya new s***t
You think you could mess around? Prove it
You gotta beat? Use it
You got niggaz? Tell em to produce it