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Versuri Dj clue ''i speak at frequencies'' freestyle
- Canibus

I speak in frequencies dogs would have trouble hearin
Canibus is the lyrical version of German engineerin
Raw metaphors keep you high fa months
Fly around the earth twice witout refuelin once
Ain't too many categories I can fit in
When it come to spittin
Cuz I'm overqualified fa tha position
The lazer guided lyrical hybrid
Creatin scripts so sick,
I gotta arm wrestle my pen to write it
Don't get excited
Cuz if I ever catch one of you wanna-be's bitin
We're gonna be fist fightin
So muthafuckaz whatchu want?
I got the shotgun pumped
You feel like a frog nigga, then jump
I posess the lyrical ammo to battle
And rip any one of you warm blooded mammals to shables
I make examples of you and eat a mouth fulla ya crew
The typa emcee you can't out-do

i'll battle you on the net
I'll battle you in the flesh
I'll battle you over the phone you can call me collect
I'll battle you for the respect
I'll battle you over a blank check
I'll battle you wit a gun to my neck
I'll battle you standin over the toilet wit my dick out
i'll battle you jugglin a hand grenade wit da pin out
In a stolen car wit da fin numba ripped out
Drinkin a Guiness Stout doin a 360 spinout
I stay richeous like Farrahkan
Puffin on the Marijuan
You understand where I'm comin from?
You numba 1 and i'm negative 2
Basically nigga that means I'm STILL betta than you
Basic mathematic and verbal mechanics of rhymin
I crush a peice of coal and create a diamond
On the microphone
I'm sicker than those who've Acquired Immune Difficiency Syndrome
And every word I utter fa hip-hop lovas
Will reflect forever like 2 mirrors facing each other
The baddest M-utha
Lemme break the style down so you don't hafta wonda
I walk the B-lock
Wit da G-lock
Tryna get da DR-op on the C-ops
Blow spots
Capsize boats
Shipwreck yachts
Headshots hit you wit 300 nautical knots
You call in da cops
Complainin about da hip-hop
Getin benjamins
Like the L-ox
It don't stop
Eh-Eh, Eh-Eh
Put away ya burnas
You can't serve us
My whole CAMP is allergic to bein murdered
Metaphors are proof
I got more than just a couple screws loose
Latinos call me da black Jesus
So all who believe in telekenesis
And Jesus
I'll touch a parapalegic
And heal him